Information is Power. Optimization Partners turns your granular data into information to help your company make the best decisions to maximize marketing and sales performance. Ecommerce is a growing piece of this changing landscape and is generating enormous amounts of readily available data. We decipher this data and employ highly specialized math and custom crafted intelligent technology to help clients influence purchase decisions while balancing long term brand value against short term budgetary/performance needs.

OP is dedicated to addressing the marketing ROI measurement and optimization question. We believe that through careful measurement and analysis – both “what we did” and “what happened” – we can understand how marketing creates value for our clients.

We combine four (4) areas of capabilities to deliver value to our clients:
1) Deep Understanding of Media, Marketing, and Sales – We understand how to provide actionable results, and how to work with the media planning teams to help empower the planning process.
2) Consulting and Analytics: Marketing effectiveness measurement and optimization, portfolio management, purchase decision funnel, business forecasting, market structure, retail analytics, pricing elasticity, etc.
3) Technology: A robust technology platform and an interactive web-based ROI toolset helps our clients monitor, evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of marketing investments in real time.
4) Data Management: A turnkey data infrastructure along with access to hundreds of data sources allows us to build the most comprehensive data sets, reporting and models.