OP provides the experts, the systems and the servers. We operate within a structured workflow developed over decades of cross industry experience ensuring each initiative is properly scoped, resourced, and tracked for success. With the offshore team located in Dehli India OP has a seamless, scalable data and analytics environment in place. ASANA project management software provides the necessary real time visibility to key deliverables. Full involvement of Sr team, from CEO level down, demonstrates OP’s commitment to accuracy, timing, and cost goals.

Proven methodology combined with the right data to deliver a robust result.

○Matched panel of test and control stores.  Statistical store clustering and selection process. (proprietary k-means based approach)

○Statistics to control for variance and noise. Pre/Post and Test/Control experimental design. (ANCOVA)

○Statistical significance driving sample selection and duration.  We expect 10/10 and 12 wks.  This allows the test to accurately and reliably read small variations in lift results.

○Results forecasted and annualized to “sister” store clusters within the customer and rolled up to chain total.

○Robust data to include: Not all customers will have equal ability to supply data.  There will be a core group of measures that are required and an extended group of measures that can be turn on/off. (Examples: What shipped, what sold and external factors like weather, demographics.  Availability of competitive sales, price and other effects will be discussed during set-up and may be turned on/off.)

The benefits.

○Reliable and accurate analysis of performance that support an action standard.

○Best-in-class approach that allows all customers to participate regardless of their level of data sophistication.

○Reduces speed to sales/increases sales force success metrics.